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    Adhesive Removal

    I have those deer alert devices on the front bumper of my car. They don't fit on the bumper very well but they do work for me. One of them finally fell off and there is a very sticky foam adhesive left on the bumper.

    What is the best product to remove this adhesive-backed foam tape? It is very stubborn. Too bad it didn't stick as well to the alert device as it did to the bumper. I heard of a product call Goo Gone? Is it any good? Is there something better? The bumper is painted like the rest of the car.

    I am switching to an electronic warning device that mounts behind the grille. It is supposed to work at all speeds and it looks better too.


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    Yes Goo Gone should take care of it. If you dont have any of that around, u could try some WD40 as I've heard that works with adhesives also. I've used Goo Gone and it definitely works.

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    I have had pretty good luck with WD40, and if worse comes to worse, you could also try smooth peanut butter. The oils in it soften the glue.

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    I'll second the Goo Gone recommendation.

    For great Meguiar's deals I use
    Auto Detailing Solutions

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    Another wonderful product that can be utilized for adhesive removal as well as a road tar, road grime, and bubble gum removal is Body Solvent from Meguiar's D-Line.

    I had the luck of being able to test this product out prior to it hitting the shelves when I was in Irvine back in April. I must say it worked better than anything I've ever utilized and the scent is a warm vanilla; it smells wonderful!

    Give it a try!


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