Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer
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Thread: Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer

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    Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer

    An individual in another forum indicated Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer has the propensity to strip LSPs because of product ingredients specified on the product's material safety data sheet; glycol ether and isopropyl alcohol are the materials in question.

    The individual stated:
    "The hazardous ingredients in Megs UQD are
    PNP glycol ether
    Their might not be alot of them in it, if it's light then thats probably ok but if it's heavy, I imagine the IPA would strip some sealers and waxes"

    I've been using this product recently and would appreciate feedback regarding the accuracy of information presented in the statement above.

    Brandon Mila

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    Re: Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer

    I have been using this product since it came out. I have not seen the integrity of the wax broken down at all. I use it at the very least every 3 days on my daily driver. So if there is any break down it is so slight, to me its not noticeable.

    I should also add that I usually wax my vehicles every 6-8 weeks. I hope this helps.
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    Re: Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer

    Anytime you touch a vehicles paint you risk removal of wax, instilling scratches and taking paint off (although at the very minute scale).

    I too have used UQD and I feel that it enhances the wax and lasts longer. I try to wax my car every 1-2 months.

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    Re: Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer

    I would think those ingredients are there to help the product evoporate or dry quickly...but I'm no chemist...

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    Re: Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer

    I wouldn't think it will remove wax.

    Remember what are they for, it's to boost up the already layer of wax so I think they use those ingredients for other purposes.

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    Re: Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer

    Quote Originally Posted by milabfocker View Post
    An individual in another forum
    We appreciate you taking the time to come to Meguiar's Online and checking with Meguiar's on something you've read on another forum.

    The answer is "no", Ultimate Quik Detailer is not formulated to remove waxes or paint sealants, in fact repeated use insures a hydrophobic polymer coating on the surface that I can personally attest to as I use this product on my daily driver all the time.

    For the rest of eternity you're always going to find people on other forums trying to dissect a product by looking at the ingredients listed on an MSD sheet, but an MSD sheet is not a formula and people that that try to play armchair chemists have no idea what the exact ingredients are and how they're used in the formula, besides that a formula is not an ingredient but the sum of all ingredients and it' is the sum of ingredients that make a product not the individuals ingredients themselves.

    It's great to read opinions by others on other forums, but only the actual chemists that created the formula knows the specifics of a product and we have great chemists that make great products and UQD is just one of many...

    Simple Analogy
    Reminds me of how some people will say petroleum distillates are bad when they're included in a paint care formula when there are zillions of different types of products derived and used from petroleum crude oil that fall into the category of petroleum distillates that are completely safe for paint. For someone to label any product under the category of petroleum distillates as bad just shows they don't know what they're talking about.

    Here's an example of how dangerous petroleum distillates can be... Chap-Stick, a product you apply to your lips contains 44% [Petrolatums as well as Isoproply Myristate and Cetyl Alcohol. All of these ingredients can sound bad for your skin but look how long Chap-Stick has been around, how safe it is for your skin and what a great product it is?

    UQD is a great product and safe to use on your car's protected paint to maintain it's appearance and create a Hydrophobic Polymer Coating over the surface.

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    Re: Question regarding Ultimate Quik Detailer

    after apply nxt 2.0 on my car i bought a bottle of UQD and apply the uqd after each wash. my car looks as good as the day i last waxed it! my experience is the wax has lasted much longer with using uqd then it has with out it.

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