Can you apply NXT in sunlight?
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Thread: Can you apply NXT in sunlight?

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    Can you apply NXT in sunlight?

    Is it ok to apy NXT was in direct sunlight or should you do like Gold Class and apply in the shade? Also, how long should I leave the first coat on before I buff it out?

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    Sorry, forgot to spell check.

    Is it ok to apply NXT wax in direct sunlight?

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    It is always recommended by Meguiar's to apply their products in the shade, away from direct sunlight. I guess this makes the surface really hot and the product applied would really dry up fast. (Cleaner/Polish as an example)

    As for the time before you can removed the applied product, Meguiar's recommends doing the swipe test first. Using your finger, swipe across the surface that has wax and see if it's dry. If it streaks or still kinda wet, wait further. Usually, it takes 10-15 minutes in a hot weather.

    hope that helps. Good luck and post pictures of your detail!
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