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Thread: Motorcycle Wax question

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    Re: Motorcycle Wax question

    I ordered QWD online direct from Meguiars, along with a few

    Works for me and the price was great, even with shipping.


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    Re: Motorcycle Wax question

    What are the best kind of rags,wax, soap for washing a motorcycle?

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    Re: Motorcycle Wax question

    Anything from Meguiars is pretty good. Though you might want some cheaper terry towels for in the greasy areas.

    You could use products from the Motorcycle or car line for soap and wax.
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    Re: How to Wash and Wax a Motorcycle

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeptha Jaiden View Post
    Simple Motorcycle Wash & Wax Tips
    Supplies Needed:
    A quality car wash (we like Turtle Wax Ice) & Bucket
    Bug and tar remover
    Gloves (personal preference)
    Engine cleaner and/or Degreaser (Use only on non-paint and non-chrome surfaces)
    Small brush (we use a toothbrush)
    Soft wheel cleaning brush
    Wheel Cleaner (Be sure the wheel cleaner is formulated for your rims)
    Wheel Polish (Be sure the polish is formulated for your rims)
    Microfiber covered sponges or micro fiber wash mitt
    soft terry towels or microfiber towels
    Chamois or synthetic chamois for drying
    Be sure to clean, wash and polish your bike in a spot that is in the shade.
    Fill bucket with warm water and the car wash of your choice.
    Before you start washing clean bugs and tar off your motorcycle. Use a different sponge or cloth than the one you use for washing. It is reccomended to use a bug & tar cleaner. Some people use WD40 to remove bugs & tar. Most of this type of debris will be on the undercarriage of your motorcycle. Be sure your pipes have cooled prior to starting.
    If your ride has matte finish pipes you can use a degreaser to clean them. Be careful not to get the degreaser on the paint finish or chrome items.
    Use the toothbrush to reach any areas that are too small to get your hands into. This will help you get any debris in small confined areas. This is how the pros get every nook and cranny clean during professional detailings.
    Spray your rims with the wheel cleaner let sit for a minute or two. Then use your wheel brush to clean the brake dust off. Make sure the wheel cleaner is formulated for your specific type of rims.
    DO NOT use any type of tire dressing as it will case issues with the tires.
    Pre wet your motorcycle before washing. Wash your motorcycle with a microfiber sponge or microfiber wash mitt. Rinse your sponge or mitt often as any dirt or debris on the sponge or mitt can cause scratches/damage to your paint.
    Rinse the soap off your motorcycle with clean water.
    Use your chamois to dry your motorcycle. This will help eliminate water spots. A chamois will not scratch or damage your paint.
    Polish your motorcycle using a clean soft terry or microfiber towel. Spray the polish on the towel then gently apply the polish to your motorcycle. Follow manufacturers directions as some polishes are not applicable to all surfaces.
    Polish your rims using a clean soft terry or microfiber towel. Spray the polish on the towel then apply to your rims.
    Enjoy your ride.
    Why would you use WD40 to remove bugs and tar?
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    Re: How to Wash and Wax a Motorcycle

    wd-40 works real good for getting bugs/tar off your bike .i also use it on front of my truck too.
    been doing it for 30 years and it works better than bug/tar remover .

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    Re: Motorcycle Wax question

    i use NOTHING but the ultimate quik wax on all of my bikes. (well, and invisible glass for the mirrors and plexus for the windscreen) if i hit some SERIOUS bugs, then i might put some quik detailer on it to get them off, but for the most part a plush microfiber and a good coating of quik wax picks up all the dirt without scratching. i get comments all the time about my "brand new bike" and its almost a year old now and i ride it everywhere.

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