80 series on wood
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Thread: 80 series on wood

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    80 series on wood

    I was wondering if anybody used 80 series products on wood. I was thinking about making a small kit for my niece's Guitar.
    I know that products 2, 9, and 7 are usually the ticket when it comes to wood. But, seeing that I have 82, 80, and 81 hand Glaze and was wondering if they would do just as well.

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    Re: 80 series on wood

    Technically you subject would have been 80 Series on paint as guitars are painted with either lacquer or modern clear coat finishes.

    You can use the 80's series on any automotive paints, just follow Meguiar's philosophy,

    "Use the least aggressive product to get the job done"

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    Re: 80 series on wood

    Long before I joined this forum I used Meguiar's prods in creative and unusual ways.

    One of those ways was to enhance the gloss and protection of my airgun collection. This is not really a recommended use of Megs prods, but it works great on any lacquer finish, which is 'clear' paint.

    This is the end result of wet sanding, #84 and cleaner wax. (poorly lit 1MP cellphone shot).


    The finish on a guitar is much finer than what I had to deal with, so I would not use anything more aggressive than #80 on a guitar. Best to start even less aggressive than that, with #81 or #82.

    I've also used it on lacquer finished; speakers, tables, chairs (not the seats ) and cabinets. Just about anything I want to shine and repel dust, dirt and moisture. It works great.


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