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    water spot remover

    Eraser (Water Spot Remover) 1 Gallon (#105G01W)
    Removes scum and hard water spots from glass and body of the car with very little effort. It will restore the optical clarity of the glass. This mild acid based formula will break the bond between mineral deposits and the surface. Amazingly will remove water spots from painted surfaces, thus preventing heavy duty buffing. Excellent on car wash tunnel windows and shower doors.

    Anyone ever try this stuff to remove water spots on cars?
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    Hi DSG man,

    I've never tried this product before, I have to wonder if it's dangerous to both myself, (skin contamination, ventilation, etc.), or my paint should I get some on it.

    For years what I've used for heavy water spots on glass is #4 Heavy Cut Cleaner.

    M-04 Heavy Cut Cleaner

    This is a product formulated for use with a rotary buffer only when used on automotive paints. It contains a fairly aggressive diminishing abrasive that can easily be felt between your fingers. It is this larger diminishing abrasive that when applied with a piece of terry cloth towel, which enables you to cut through any film that has built up on glass, or water spots that have built up on glass without scratching the glass.

    In Oregon and Washington, I often came across cars that I was detailing that had heavy accumulation of water spotting and/or some kind of chemical contamination build-up on the exterior glass. It didn't do any good to polish the paint on the car only to have the glass looking all dull and shabby, so I would always polish out the glass and found the either the #4 Heavy Cut Cleaner, or even the #1 Medium Cut Cleaner to be quite effective at removing water spots and other contaminants while leaving the glass highly polished and smooth as new glass again.

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    I'll have to double check, but I believe I heard about it on Autopia.

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