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  • Cleaner Wax (consumer version)

    52 23.11%
  • ColorX

    30 13.33%
  • M06 Cleaner Wax

    11 4.89%
  • M20 Polymer Sealant

    12 5.33%
  • M66 Quick Detailer

    19 8.44%
  • D151 Paint Reconditioning Cream

    57 25.33%
  • I'm a heretic - I use a non-Meguiar's AIO

    24 10.67%
  • I'm a purist - I don't believe in cleaner waxes

    20 8.89%
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Thread: What is your favorite AIO Cleaner Wax?

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    I'm a heretic - I use a non-Meguiar's AIO

    Klasse all in one (AIO) - dries as fast as you apply it, and there is no risk of hazing or streaking. All-In-One contains no abrasives or silicones, and does not stain plastic, vinyl or rubber trim. It can be used on any non-porous surface, and in addition to car care it is also approved for marine and aviation use. In my opinion this is the best paint cleaner of its type available and it’s something I’ve been using since the ‘80
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    Re: What is your favorite AIO Cleaner Wax?

    carlack 68 nano-systematic care. Well, if you're not familiar with that, its basically 95% identical to Klasse all-in-one, just different color bottle and market/country. I apply it to different surfaces (headlights, windows, windshields, etc). However, i don't incorporate it into the meguiars system. Its followed by a coat or 2 of long life sealant (klasse sealant glaze) or a pure car wax unlike meguiars (cleaner, polish/glaze, NXT2).

    For really deep clean/correction, Ultimate Compound. I've had good success with it even with hand application, it removes deffects rather than just use fillers.

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    D151 is what I've been using quite often lately. Today I used some UC then D151 on an '04 Lexus RX330. Turned out awesome and the guys at the lot were pretty impressed

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    Re: What is your favorite AIO Cleaner Wax?

    Quote Originally Posted by akimel View Post
    For future reference, here is the order of abrasiveness of Meguiar's cleaner waxes, as stated by Mike Phillips (from least aggressive to most aggressive):

    • Meguiar's A12 Cleaner/Wax (Consumer Line - Maroon bottle)
    • M20 Polymer Sealant
    • ColorX
    • M06 Cleaner/Wax (ColorX, M06, M66 are all very close, would put M06 and ColorX on the same par, M06 can be applied by rotary, that is the major difference)
    • M66 Quick Detailer
    • D151 PRC
    Bingo! Thanks Al, that's just the information I was looking for

    (Where have you been hiding lately anyway?)
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    I own a silver vehicle and a black vehicle owns me. The black one demands attention, washing, detailing, waxing and an occasional dinner out at a nice restaurant. The silver one demands nothing and it looks just fine. I think the black vehicle is taking advantage of me, and the silver car is more my style. We can go out for a drive without her makeup and she looks fine. If I want to take the black one out, it is three or four hours in the "bathroom" to get ready.

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    Re: What is your favorite AIO Cleaner Wax?

    I use ColorX, and M66 a lot!

    I love A12 though, and M06. The scent takes me back to the 90's...

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    Re: What is your favorite AIO Cleaner Wax?

    I use Cleaner Wax (consumer version).

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