Blackie Gejeian and Paul Evert’s R.V. present the 50th Fresno Autoramafficeffice" />

March 13, 14 & 15 in Fresno Convention Center’s new Exhibit Hall and Valdez Hall

Friday 1-10 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Info: 559-834-3424

February 2009

For Immediate Release

Blackie Gejeian promises 50th Annual Fresno Autorama will double in size; announces March 13-15, 2009 show dates; names headliners

FRESNO-Fresno Autorama founder Blackie Gejeian promises to celebrate his 50th annual Fresno Autorama in style – by expanding the indoor car show to two exhibit halls.
Scheduled to be held March 13-15, 2009 in the Fresno Convention Center's new Exhibit Hall and Valdez Hall, the Fresno Autorama will feature more than 250 of the finest show cars, hot rods and custom automobiles around -- hand-picked from all over the nation.
“I’m going all out for my 50th Fresno Autorama, so we’ve expanded to a second building and we’re gonna pack in more show cars than ever before,” Gejeian said.
Gejeian travels the country personally inspecting and selecting each entry that is invited to be exhibited during his Autorama. Here are some of his show–stopping picks that will be brought to Fresno for exhibition:
See – THE FLATFIRE! -- From the salt flats of Bonneville, Utah! – Ron Main’s Flatfire is the World’s Fastest Flathead! Powered by a much-modified blown flathead, Flatfire holds the record at 302.674 mph – fast enough to make one’s eyeballs jiggle like Jello! Main and his team of ace mechanics have taken an old cast-iron 1946 Ford flathead engine, reverse-ported the exhaust out the intakes, mixed in some modern computer-controlled ignition, topped off this Frankenstein motor with a big blower and – voila! Flatfire has run as fast as 315 mph!

See – THE FRENCH CONNECTION! – the last custom Boyd Coddington ever built! French Connection appeared once in Las Vegas at SEMA 2008 and has not been shown since! This radical custom is Boyd Coddington’s most innovative and outstanding creation! Completely hand-built, French Connection is powered by a wild V-12 and looks sort of like what the world’s most elegant late 30’s-era Delahaye roadster might look like if built today with the finest possible combination of modern technology and handcrafted luxury.

“Boyd Coddington was one of the most gifted customizers our industry has ever seen, and he was also a dear friend,” Gejeian said, speaking of French Connection’s designer and builder, who passed away last year. “Boyd’s cars were so innovative when he started his career they set new standards of craftsmanship. Even when he became famous, Boyd never backed off. French Connection proves that; I think his last is his best. That’s why I’m dedicating my 50th Fresno Autorama to Boyd Coddington.”

See – “THE WILLETT SPECIAL!” – from Orland Park, Illinois – the 2009 World’s Most Beautiful Roadster! Harry Willett’s ’32 Ford roadster is a contemporary version of the ’32 roadster based on the early sports-car influenced hot rod specials. Hidden under the circa ‘50s styling, complete with belly pans, rocker covers and roll pan and faired headrest, this all steel bodied is powered by a Viper V-10 engine with a 6 speed and front and rear independent suspension.

See – BLACKIE’S COLLECTION – Fresno Autorama promoter Blackie Gejeian will show his 10-car collection together for the first time! Six of them are Grand National winners from the ‘50s and early ‘60s!
· See THE DICK WILLIAMS ROADSTER: World’s Most Beautiful Roadster in ’53!
· See THE SHISH KABOB SPECIAL: ’26 T Modified! World’s Most Beautiful Roadster in ’55!
· See ALA KART: World’s Most Beautiful Roadster in both ’58 and ’59!
· See THE EMPEROR: World’s Most Beautiful Roadster in ’60!
· See DON LOKI’S ’27 T Roadster Pickup: World’s Most Beautiful Roadster in ’64!
· See THE CANDY MAN: World’s Most Beautiful Roadster in ’77 & ISCA Champion in ‘77!
(ISCA Champions must take top trophy at all ISCA shows across the nation-at that time 92 shows!)
· See THE MOD ROD!: Built for the TV program the MOD SQUAD! Toured all the nation’s top auto shows non-stop for five years! Has more “show miles” than any other top custom – ever!

See – SIX RIDLER WINNERS! – Six winners of the Detroit Autorama’s premier award – the nation’s highest honor for custom cars! For the first time ever in one place!
See – THE GRAND MASTER! – ‘02 Ridler winner, by Chip Foose, star of TV’s “Overhaulin!”
See – RON WHITESIDE’s ’36 3-window! – ‘03 Ridler winner, by Chip Foose! Also ’07 WMBR!
See – KEN REISTER’S ’36 Roadster! – ‘06 Ridler winner, by Chip Foose!

See – RODBUSTER! – From Bakersfield, CA – Chris Addington’s groundbreaking Candy Apple Red full custom ’69 Ghia Coupe! The famous ’88 ISCA Champion that toured the nation and Europe! Sealed away from the public for 22 years in a climate-controlled room, Rodbuster has risen again! All Aluminum billet chassis with Indycar –inspired 4-wheel independent suspension and a twin-supercharged 2,000 cc firebreather under the hood! More than 100 body modifications!

See – FAMOUS IN GLASS! – From Fresno! – Sheila Cerini’s ’34 Chevy 3-window coupe, the ’95 ISCA Champion! This is the first show car ever built with a stainless steel frame! Nothing stock; all CNC-machined components!

See – PERFECT SCORE! – From Vacaville, CA – Chris Roark’s ’58 Chevy Impala. The car Lowrider Magazine named 2008 Lowrider of the Year! Painted Aqua with a Teal Candy top; more than 300 custom-machined components! Each both machine-etched and custom engraved by hand!

See – R’EVOLUTION! – From Canada! – J.F. Launier’s radically modified ’55 Chrysler wagon, shortened 8 inches, chopped two inches, windshield raked back 15 degrees! 2009 World’s Most Beautiful Custom! West Coast Custom of the Year! This wild ride has won it all!

See – RADIAL AIRPLANE ENGINE-POWERED MOTORCYCLE! – From South Dakota! – John Levy’s Wild Chopper! The workmanship is unreal!

See – 2009 WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL MOTORCYCLE! – Chris Dotson’s 2009 Indian!
Info box: Blackie Gejeian’s 50th Fresno Autorama
More than 250 wild custom cars, trucks, hot rods and motorcycles on display March 13, 14 & 15 at the 50th Annual Fresno Autorama in the Fresno Convention Center’s Exhibit Hall and Valdez Hall.
Friday 1-10 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Info: 559-834-3424 General admission $18; Seniors $16; Children aged 6-12 $8; under age 6 admitted free. ###