Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaners in our Professional Detailer Line

D10301 All Purpose Cleaner Plus
  • Designed to be low foaming for use in carpet and upholstery extraction machines.
  • Diluted at the same levels it's stronger than APC.
  • Lower cost per ounce compared to APC.
Limited Distribution

D10101 All Purpose Cleaner
  • More foaming which helps visually when cleaning carpets by hand and brush. It's important to note that in the detailing industry this is an important factor so a person can tell where they're working on a segment of carpet or upholstery.
  • Fabric softeners and brighteners.
  • Not as strong as APC+
  • Higher cost per ounce compared to APC+

32 ounces

If you have to pick just one to start with for your arsenal of detailing supplies, APC+ is going to be a better choice as long as you don't want or need the foaming characteristic.

Be sure that when you're ordering either of these to all purpose cleaners to also order the matching OSHA approved pre-labeled spray bottles and the appropriate spray heads.

A good general purpose spray head is our chemical resistant spray head as it will resist wear and breakdown associated with most cleaning solutions and degreasers. It's still a good idea to remove these and run some water through them, working the spray to flush out the internal components after use if you don't plan on using them immediately the next day or so just as a good practice.

D110542 Chemical Resistant Sprayer