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    Creating a website...

    I would like to create my own website to advertise my buisiness and to have a place to showcase before and after pics of my work for other potential customers to see.

    Can I tackle this myself?

    If so What do I need/where do I start?

    I see Dreamcatcher is reccomended for creating.

    I looked at getting a domain name and it was about $7, and then I would need to pay $7 per month to have my site up.

    Is this correct?!?! I know nothing about what it costs to create a website so I don't wanna get taken for a ride!

    I just need some help getting the ball rolling. As far as designing and stuff I think I'll be ok. Not looking to create anything extreme. Just something basic, but professional looking.

    If someone could set me in the right direction it would be appriciated...

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    Re: Creating a website...

    Sorry im not much of help here, I know a guy that is really good with website stuff and has created a few for people but besides what you said, just gather up a list of everything you want people to get out of your website as a starting point. Also when you get started remember to look at it as if you dont know anything about detailing, keep it simple and nice. Only other thing would be to get someone to do it for you

    Im sure others will chime in though

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    Re: Creating a website...

    check out They have a good site builder, it's very reasonable (it's free for one version) and it's very intuitive. If you decide to buy a domain name, it's a reasonable annual charge...I built one for my business if you want to check it out,

    Good luck !
    Bill Poirier
    West Seneca, NY 14224

    "until you can afford a great car, always strive for a great looking car"

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