Two Questions -- one for car & one for boat
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Thread: Two Questions -- one for car & one for boat

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    Two Questions -- one for car & one for boat

    I have used Meguiars care care products (exclusively) for 5 years. I have used a tire dressing that is NOT high gloss (I like it better than high shine dressings). When I visited my local care care shop (Murray's), this product was not available and they suggested that it had been discontinued by Meguiars (not merely dropped from their inventory).

    The Meguiar's online product listing shows Endurance (product #G7410). Is this the same low-gloss product that I have come to know and love?

    I have a 34' sailboat with an aluminum mast. I want to use a cleaner that will remove oxidation, blemishes etc. from the mast, but NOT impart a high gloss or shine. Are any of the Meguiar aluminum cleaners appropriate for this task?


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    Re: Two Questions -- one for car & one for boat

    Car- Endurance is High Gloss- don't know the equivalent to what your looking for but, I'm sure someone will chime in

    Boat- Acid will clean Aluminum and leave it all satin, not shinny at all. If you use some kind of aluminum polish it will polish then you can go over it with some acid and it will dull it all up
    Also untreated aluminum will corrode fast than treated. I think the only treatment is to polish. Closing up the aluminum and protecting it. Acid eats into the aluminum and leaves it exposed.

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    Re: Two Questions -- one for car & one for boat

    I believe there were two different versions of Endurance tire shines (not including the High Gloss).

    With any tire gel, you can adjust the gloss by wiping the tire down with an old terry cloth a few hours later. This will remove the excess dressing and lower the gloss.
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