Help! problem with anti rust product
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Thread: Help! problem with anti rust product

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    Help! problem with anti rust product

    Hi there, its my first post on this forum and i am a long time reader... So now its time to break the ice!

    Here in Canada, We put some "anti rust" product to prevent your car to rust. Because in the winter, we do have a lot of salt on the road... if you dont do that, your car will start to rust after 4-5 years. You bring your car at an anti rust place and the technician will put about 10 pounds of petroleum based product at the strategic places like the hood, round the roods, fenders, rear fenders... etc etc.

    The problem i have with this, is that everytime i wash my car, i had to wash the car like 2 times...! i will explain:

    IF i wash my car normally, my wash mitt will be all black because of the anti rust petroleum based product. so instead to wash my car, i spread the product!

    So what i do first, i put some Simple green MAX degreaser on my car (with water of course) and i remove the anti rust product. Then, i rince the car and im ready to wash the car normally. And my wash mitt will be not black.

    REMEMBER, when you remove the product, the anti rust product start to reappear 1 week later!

    So in the best of both worlds, i would like to have a product that WASH the car, AND a degreaser at the same time so i can wash the car WITHOUT scraping my wash mitt! And It would save me time.

    Maybe Megs Detailer all purpose cleaner?

    Or Megs detailer Super degreaser????

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Help! problem with anti rust product

    This anti rust sure makes cleaning a big job

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    Re: Help! problem with anti rust product

    IIRC, the Bug and Tar Remover from the Gold Class line removes this spray. It depends if it is rubber based or not as there are two types of this product.

    If it does work, it will basically dissolve the product and you will be able to truly and completely remove it... not just temporarily.

    Can anyone else who actually has this product on this car chime in?

    I am speaking from an experience several years ago when I used a "Rubberized under coating" by Westley's to create the look of a Line-X on the caps of my bed rails to hide some scratches. It actually worked pretty darn well, and I recall that Bug and Tar remover (TAR being the key part) liquefied it and made it so you could wipe it away.
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    Re: Help! problem with anti rust product

    Part of the joys of living in Canada...
    I have the same issue, and used dish soap on the bad areas, and turned my wash mitt black. Fortunately, soaking it in dish soap and washing it in the washer brought it back, but nervous about using it on paint again. Will probably get new ones soon anyways, but will try your method next time.

    The biggest issue as you mentioned is that it always returns. I read online elsewhere that it is because this undercoating is actually pooled inside the body, and melts/flows out as the weather heats up. This person actually pulled off the internal body panels and found pools of the stuff in his door!

    I'd love to try the Bug and Tar remover, but have not been able to locate any of the Meguiar's stuff this side of the border.


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