Keeping the pad spinning
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Thread: Keeping the pad spinning

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    Keeping the pad spinning

    Hi all, thanks for any answers in advance
    I’m new to the G110 and have been practicing frequently of late. Working on my 2008 VW GTI, I noticed that I was having a difficult time keeping the pad spinning (speed 5, m205, 2.0 finishing pad) on the hood of the car and thus I was having a difficult time removing small imperfections. However, when I worked on a vertical surface, the pad seemed to be spinning with ease and it took quite a bit of pressure to bring it to a halt. I know my problem on the hood is a matter of technique rather than a issue pertaining to product for the reason that I was able to remove similar swirls from the vertical surface with ease. Using similar amounts of product, very similar pressure, and very similar technique what could be the cause of this difference?

    Or, in a few questions
    1.) Are there any factors other than pressure that could cause the pad to slow down? I clean on the fly frequently.
    2.) About how many revolutions per second should the pad be spinning under these circumstances? I used a sharpie and put a line on there to count.


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    Re: Keeping the pad spinning

    I had similar issues with my G100, I associated it with pad saturation.

    Are you cleaning the pad on the fly? if not, it could be getting so much product in the pad that it is too heavy to sling around. I also try to use at least two pads per car, you may need more. I did a recent detail and I used a new pad with the rotary on about every 1/4 of the vehicle.

    On the hood, you have to account for the weight of the machine versus a vertical panel that you are polishing with no weight.

    Mike did a write up on using the G100 et al and the weights to push down with the machine using a bathroom scale. It uses M83 and other products but you'll get the idea.

    How to use the G-100 to remove swirls

    This may help too:
    Tips & Techniques for using the G110, G100, G220 and the PC Dual Action Polisher
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