Soft Buff 2.0 cutting pad for DA
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Thread: Soft Buff 2.0 cutting pad for DA

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    Soft Buff 2.0 cutting pad for DA

    I actually thought this was what I was getting when I ordered.

    ADS says its ok to use with a DA:

    but when you get the product it says for use with rotary on the label.

    I really like the Soft Buff 2.0 pads but if we could get one approved for DA use that would be great!

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    Re: Soft Buff 2.0 cutting pad for DA

    Check out this thread for the official Meguar's recommendation on using Meguar's cutting pads with DA style polishers,

    W7207 Washable Foam Cutting Pad

    Key Features
    • New foam technology cuts through moderate surface defects with fewer swirls
    • More consistent cut throughout life of pad
    • 7" pad size helps to reduce chatter resulting in easy buffing
    • High tech laminate provides durability and is machine washable
    • Recessed backing for easy centering
    • Recommended for use with rotary buffer only

    NOTE: The official recommendation for this new cutting pad is for use with a rotary buffer only. That said we know that a lot of people will use this with a dual action polisher and in most cases if you keep your speeds at or below the 5.0 speed setting it can be an effective cutting pad in addition to your choice of compound, paint cleaner, cleaner/polish or cleaner/wax.

    If you choose to use this new cutting pad with a dual action polisher please do a test spot first with your products of choice and inspect the results to make sure you're getting the results you're looking for and if not then stop your process until you can dial in a process that does produce the results you're looking for.

    There are many pant systems on the market both OEM and Refinishing, (Auto Body Shops), and each paint system can react differently to different levels of aggressiveness when it comes to pad and product selection. In some cases a cutting pad will remove the defects faster and more effectively but in order to create an acceptable finish you may have to do a second cleaning/polishing step using a less aggressive pad and product before going to wax.

    So always perform a test spot first and dial in an acceptable process for your car's paint system before going over the entire car.

    PLEASE REMEMBER: When you use a "foam cutting pad" on a D/A, you certainly increase the defect removal BUT you also increase the risk of hazing or micro marring on certain finishes. Both defect removal ability and hazing/micro marring depends on the paint, the user, and the product. Unfortunately, there is no absolute in this arena.

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