shoe shine brush for carpet/upholstery cleaning
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Thread: shoe shine brush for carpet/upholstery cleaning

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    shoe shine brush for carpet/upholstery cleaning


    its been a while since i last cleaned our car's carpet. this time, its crunch time and i have to clean our two cars. i can't do it alone, so i had my brother in law with me to help me clean both cars. the thing is, i only got one set of cleaning tools.

    in particular, we have to clean the upholstery and we don't have the right brush to or tool for it until i found my dad's old shoe polishing kit. it had a shoe shine brush which i thought i could use for cleaning the carpet. i got 3 from dad's box and cleaned them well with hot water and detergent. i tried them and gave them a shot.

    to my surprise, it did the cleaning pretty well. from now on, i'll be using a shoe shine brush for my upholstery tasks. even the most expensive of it is still cheap enough but does the task well.

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    Re: shoe shine brush for carpet/upholstery cleaning

    Sounds like it would work. Thanks for sharing the tip.
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