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Thread: M205 - M21 and wax

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    Re: M205 - M21 and wax

    Quote Originally Posted by samuraik View Post
    Thank you. I got the two mixed up.

    In regards to prep for the m21 sealant after the m205 polish, do I need to wash the car to remove any residue and oils from the polish?
    Nope. You can follow up with M21 right after M205.

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    Re: M205 - M21 and wax

    It should also be noted that while M21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0 will "lock in" all the work you have completed, protecting & preserving the gloss, it will not protect against scratches.

    Remember to practice proper washing techniques like clean quality accessories & two bucket method.
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    Re: M205 - M21 and wax

    Quote Originally Posted by zeque View Post
    thanks guys, I've no problem in leaving 12hs of cure time, I'm not planning to use the car in the hole weekend hehe...
    If I apply the M21 with a finishing polish should I remove the excess with a MF right after?
    After applying M21 to the whole car, I let it sit for at least two hours before removing with a microfiber. In overly humid weather you may let it sit longer. Remember to apply it THIN!!

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