I just put a new top on my 2001 mustang a year back, so it is in good shape. Unfortunately a few items stacked up on each other in the trunk, so when I lowered the top it popped the window.

The glass is intact.
The rear curtain appears to be hanging loosely on the top and sides.
There is a large hole at the top, and looking back from my rear view mirror it appears to be several inches wide. Along this hole is a line of dozens of staples running across the top of the curtain.

Would it be as easy to fix this as it would be to loosen the top, restaple that line down, and go at it? I can get picture later on if necessary. I'd prefer to do the work myself if possible-- Tuition is making things tight at the moment. Mostly just wondering if anyone else has ever popped a curtain, and if so how did they go about fixing it?

Thanks folks!