Which new product would be of interest to you?

View Poll Results: Which new product would be of interest to you?

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  • Premium car wash technologically engineered to prevent hard water spotting

    331 47.90%
  • Water filtration piece that attaches to your hose to soften water and prevent hard water spotting

    226 32.71%
  • Car wash and filtration piece combination system that prevents hard water spotting

    242 35.02%
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Thread: Which new product would be of interest to you?

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    Which new product would be of interest to you?

    We would appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions on the topic or washing your car.

    Thank you for participating in our poll!

    Question 3

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    If Meguiar's launched the products below to reduce hard water spots when washing and drying your vehicle, which would be of interest to you? (select all that apply)
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    Hi Mike.

    I voted for the engineered soap. Just like the Mr Clean Autodry thingy, I don't like the idea of having to buy extra stuff just to wash a car. I can deal with soap, wash mitt, wax... Plus I'd burn through the limited amounts of washes the equipment would provide and have to order more stuff more frequently. That's great for your company though. In addition having the wash would be easier to carry to different locations rather than more equipment I'd have to hook and unhook. I know it would probably wouldn't take long to hook up.

    What would this premium soap with nano-technology cost compared to the filtration device? I'm not asking for a real specific price more like a ballpark. For example the soap would be less than $15.00 and the filtering device less than $30.00. Price would also influence my decision.

    That's my .02. Thanks.

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    I voted for the engineered soap too. NXT Car Wash helps to reduce water spots.

    Rather than use a filter, I just hook my car wash hose up to the ater faucets in the garage that are on soft water. It does reduce hard water spotting.


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    Voted for the wash too.

    As I am always battling hard water spots

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    Any of the above would be WONDERFUL!!!

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    Car Washing / Water Spotting

    I'm a belt and suspenders type of guy... Water spoting especially in warmer weather is a real drag. So if I can take multiple steps to prevent an adverse effect or outcome I will. The filtration and soap combined would most likely cover a larger area of possible spotting causes than either one individually...

    Bill Prentice

    P.S. Mike hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

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    Another vote for the wash

    I don't want to have to grab a handful of things, attach filters etc...just to wash my car. It already takes me long enough being careful not to marr(sp) the finish.

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    I would want some sort of filter... but nothing like the Mr. Clean Auto dry system. I would want something more industrial like. But that would put it out of the price range of most buyers (including me )

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    i too, voted for the wash product technology. have tried the Mr. Clean system and found it obtrucive to my system of washing.

    i am a kiss(keep it simple stupid) kind of guy. a high tech wash soap would be extremely attractive to me and other consumers.

    Say what you do...Do what you say!

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    Heh, I'm noticing a theme. I'd use a filter that had good capacity, but I really wouldn't like a soap that did other stuff. I'd think to suspend all the minerals in water, it would be a detriment to its ability to lubricate and to buffer dirt particles. I'd be using up a lot of its energy on the water itself.

    But if you sold a filter with lots of capacity, I could actually fill my bucket up with filtered water. My soap would work better, and no bad water would be introduced on the paint for me to later try to displace. I'm not talking filling up two 5-gallon buckets, but maybe 3 gallons of total wash/rinse water.

    As someone who keeps thinking about pulling the trigger on a filter, I'm very glad you all are considering it. One big uknown with them is how long they tend to last in the real world. The places I'd contacted were pretty vague about it. I'm sure using nothing but filtered water would shorten the life of a filter a lot, but if it were good for 5-10 washes like that, I'd be sold. The Mr Clean filter that came with it seemed ok for two rinses, but they were just rinses (and the car was not 100% spot-free even using the soap). They claim the replacement filter can do 10 cars, but I find that highly dubious, and of course the "final rinse" with that thing probably puts about 1-1.5 gallons of water on your car total, so that's not a very high-capacity filter.

    I'd be willing to spend about $2-4 per wash on just the filtering part, not including the initial hardware purchase *provided that I could use it for the whole wash process*. If it were only a final rinse, $2-4 for a final rinse wouldn't make sense to me. But if it's gonna be closer to $4, then I would expect lots of ease of use.

    So basically, I'd flip out over a filter that could clean 50-100 gallons of not-incredibly-hard water and cost $30 or less. And if it had a nozzle with a few volume selections of spray, that'd be icing! Maybe a high fanned one for rinsing, a medium/high pointed one for spot rinsing with more vigor, and a low fanned one for rinsing off the soap. I dunno, something like that. I look forward to see what you come up with. But in my opinion, better water will make everything work better. Better soap only makes soap work better, and only at that one thing.

    As an aside, to put a context, I can get distilled water for $.55-.66 a gallon from Wal-Mart (less convenient) or the grocery store (more convenient and a little more money). And my garden sprayer was $30. But the ease of use isn't there as I have to drag it out, fill it up, pump it up, carry it around the car, then dry it out and clean it before putting it away. If I used distilled water in my buckets too, I'd use about 5 gallons of water total, but still wouldn't be able to do the power rinsing or even rinse off soap due to the weak stream and very very low volume flow.
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