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  • Premium car wash technologically engineered to prevent hard water spotting

    331 47.90%
  • Water filtration piece that attaches to your hose to soften water and prevent hard water spotting

    226 32.71%
  • Car wash and filtration piece combination system that prevents hard water spotting

    242 35.02%
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Thread: Which new product would be of interest to you?

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    Re: Which new product would be of interest to you?

    To add a couple of items.

    1. Some better hand applicator pads. Something with some thickness/firmness that would transfer some of the pressure from your finger tips to the base of the hand. You can find these at some other vendors but Meguiar's is my vendor of choice so...

    2. Waterless washes are becoming a bigger need as many communities are getting green. This is a trend that will continue to ramp up and I'm sure Meg's chemists can provide a superior product.

    3. Bring back the brushes. They were a favorite of mine and I'm running down to my last few.

    4. Bring back the sunshade. I have two left and I get questioned regularly about where I got them. They display the Meguiar's logo and are good advertising as well as being needed in the summer and the southern states.


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    Re: Which new product would be of interest to you?

    Drying the car after washing it prevents the spots for me, but it wouldn't hurt to have some added protection, especially in areas where using well water is a must.

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    Re: Which new product would be of interest to you?

    You guys might throw shoes at me for saying this, but...

    I'd like to see the consumer product line narrowed down. NXT, Gold Class, Ultimate and then the Deep Crystal products. There seems to be quite a bit of overlap, which ultimately leads to confusion.

    Retailers may become more inclined to stock the entire product line, if it was narrower.

    Out with the old and in with the new. My guess is that this will eventually happen.

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    Re: Which new product would be of interest to you?

    Quote Originally Posted by FRS View Post
    I don't quite understand what do you mean by hard water spotting .. I believe we don't have this problem in Australia as water is everything but not hard .. very soft indeed.
    No wonder you guys are famous for slamming the coldies back... no hard liquor.

    In any event, everything you need to know about hard and soft water:



    Of particular note to the OP:

    Hard water in Australia

    Analysis of water hardness in major Australian cities by the Australian Water Association shows a range from very soft (Melbourne) to very hard (Adelaide).

    Total Hardness levels of Calcium Carbonate in ppm are: Canberra: 40; Melbourne: 10 - 26; Sydney: 39.4 – 60.1; Perth: 29 – 226; Brisbane: 100; Adelaide: 134 – 148; Hobart: 5.8 – 34.4; Darwin: 31.

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    Re: Which new product would be of interest to you?

    How about for 2011 "we" change the forum settings so threads are not bumped to the top when someone votes in a poll.

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    Re: Which new product would be of interest to you?

    I voted for the last one. It would be nice to have the choice of either.

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