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Thread: Need feedback and recommendations

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    Need feedback and recommendations

    First what a great line of products and a highly informational web site!!

    After gathering as much information as my brain will hold and visiting my local auto store, I had a few warm days before the blizzard hit and was able to get a good coat of wax on our new car for a great look and some salt protection.

    However my arthritis makes waxing by hand difficult, so my wife got me a PC XP for Christmas. Now I'm ready to forge ahead using a DA orbital.

    Please check my planned procedure for our 2010 BLACK daily driver:
    Wash with Gold Class Car Wash
    Clay with Ultimate Quik Detailer (industrial pollution a problem)
    SwirlX with Lake County red pad or Meguiar's W8207
    PC set on 4-5
    Wax with Gold Class Liquid Wax with Lake Country gold pad or Meguiar's W8207
    PC set on 2-3 first passes, then 5 for final
    Buff off wax with MF bonnet over a Lake Country red pad or W8207
    PC set at ???
    Wait a period of time or days ???
    Wipe down with Ultimate Quik Detailer
    Spray and wipe with Ultimate Quik Wax
    Days later and routinely, dust with California Duster and use Ultimate Detailer to remove industrial pollution

    Generally speaking is this correct?
    Specifically, pressure of PC and Gold Class wax - almost stop rotation?
    What speed PC when MF buffing off Gold Class?
    Minimum amount of time between Gold Class wax and Ultimate Spray wax, hours - days??

    Thanks and I look forward to your sage advice.

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    Re: Need feedback and recommendations

    Your steps are pretty correct. However, when applying pressure, its should still be spinning/orbiting, i apply little pressure, enough so you hear the machine bog/slow down a little (which isn't much pressure needed, about 10-15lbs). Also, i usually wait 30 mins after the wax is completely applied, or until its hazy looking (tempetures will make this vary, colder will typically take longer). As for the PC/MF taking off wax, i use the same speed of 3 (to apply wax also). And when you apply wax, i usually apply it with one hand with the PC, with little to no pressure at all.

    Hope this was helpful!

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