Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)
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Thread: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

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    Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    So after one year of patience, I finally got my garage floor done. Ive always loved the look of a clean and organized workspace and the floor is definitely a major component.

    I ordered the products from Veron Coating Systems and had Richard from MSS Concrete Coatings install the floor for me. Total cost for this project was just shy of $1750.00

    On to the pictures.


    Since I have red and gray walls I had the company mix me up custom color chips. I really liked their "Galaxy" mixture (Black,Gray,White) so I just had them Mix Red into that. This is what they came up with.

    Here you can see the color scheme of the wall.

    So here is what the garage looked like before the makeover.

    Here it is all cleaned out.

    Everything out ready for pre-cleaning.

    The process began with Richard pouring Muratic Acid on the floor to etch the concrete.

    Once the acid was on he scrubbed the floor with a floor machine to clean it.

    Once the scrubbing was done, Richard then neutralized the acid with ammonia and rinsed the garage out. After it was dry, he repaired any cracks and filled all the joints with silicone.

    Then it was time for the Primer coat (155) This rolls on just like thin paint. It is a waterborne product.

    After the primer dries for approximately 8-10 hours (overnight) The Binder coat is applied (255) This is a solvent based product. Just like the primer, Richard first trims the edges and joints then rolls it out.

    Once the binder coat is applied, Richard must wear spiked shoes to avoid leaving footprints while he casts the chips onto the wet product.

    After throwing the chips around the perimeter, Richard then begins to throw them at the ceiling and letting gravity do the work so that there is no pattern created by his throws.

    After the chips are allowed to sit overnight, the loose remaining chips are swept up. To give you an idea, I ordered 73 pounds of chips and have about 30 pounds left over. This is so I can assure full coverage.

    After the chips are swept up, Richard uses a floor scraper to even out any chips that may be sticking up giving the floor a rough texture. Then the first clear coat is ready to be applied. (246c) This is also solvent based.

    After the first coat of clear sits overnight. Richard uses his floor machine again but this time with an 80 grit sanding pad under it. This assures no spots are left rough and prevents premature wear and chipping.

    After the sanding is complete, the dust is blown out of the garage.

    The second clear coat is then applied.

    And finally, after 4 long days, here is the final product.

    The product has to dry 24-48 hours for light foot traffic and 7-10 days before you can drive on it.

    This flooring, with proper care should last me about 10-15 years before it will need re-sealing.

    Now I just need to move everything out of my living room back into the garage.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    Looks good man! Hope you enjoy your new garage look!
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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    WOW! That turned out alot better than my garage. Im already running into chips and bubbles forming.

    I should have had it done professionally.

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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    Wow! You went all out with this one!

    I just bought my first house last week...well, Escrow is supposed to close Monday or Tuesday of next week, and I am going to do the garage floor before moving in.

    Unlike you, I am on a tight budget... so no beautiful colored flakes for me.

    I'm envious!

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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    That looks awesome!

    I once put swirls in my paint just to see what it looked like.

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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    Looks cool!
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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    I am so jealous of the way it turned out. Plus it is a 3 car garage. What a sweet deal. The floor looks great. Hope it last as long as promised. Congrats. Enjoy it.
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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    Yeah I'm jealous too! Heck I'd be happy with having a garage!

    Your garage looks absolutely beautiful!!
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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    Looks great!

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    Re: Extreme Makeover: Garage Epoxy Flooring (lots of pics)

    That looks great, the color scheme is really cool. I have considered doing something similar, but I'm afraid my garage gets too wet for an epoxy. I'm now looking at acid stain and polishing the floors.
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