Hello All,

I have a question: In step #2

1. I am going to wash the Boat.

2. The I was going to use one of these products:
#49 - Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover. This was my first choice, but after reading some post I thought it might be a bit to rough on the Gel Coat. So I was then thinking of #44 - Heavy Duty Color Restorer. Then of course I did some more reading and I read about the next 2 products #67 - One Step Compound & #91 - Marine/RV Professional Compound. Now I am totally confused.

3. After the cleaning of the Hull I was going to use #45 Boat/RV Polish & Gloss Enhancer.

4. Then I was going to use the #68 NonSkid Deck Cleaner.

5. Then finally finishing off the Boat with 2 coats of Flagship Premium Marine Wax Paste.

Now I am fairly new to the game of Cleaning, Polishing and then Waxing so I need some advice especially with the choice of the cleaners. Can anyone give me an idea which Cleaner to go with.

The boat is a Bayliner 2000yr. 30 ft. Ciera sunbridge. I very good shape. There is very little in the way of chalkiness. I thank you all in advance for your fast replies.