Super Towel from stocktowelsnow arrived today
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Thread: Super Towel from stocktowelsnow arrived today

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    Super Towel from stocktowelsnow arrived today

    I ordered it this past weekend and it came in today. Initial thoughts out of the plastic were not all that bad. I had just come in from working outside and washed my hands before I touched it. It was obviously grabby, but was very soft also. Its not super thick, but reminds me a lot of CG Super Towel or Justin's Ultra Premium which is what the yellow towel is in the picture below. I washed it real quick to see if it fluffed up after wash and it did. Silk banding is nice, as is the towel overall. I probably paid way to much for one towel, but I didn't want 3 or a dozen and not end up liking them. Would I order more??? If anything a dozen would make nice interior dash/door towels, but I will decide after I use it for qd or Opt spray wax.

    Obviously folded in half, then half again:

    This is the short nap weave, this is the best pic my P&S will take:

    This is the long nap side:

    Next to an Ultra Premium from Justin:

    Buy at your own risk, I am not a know it all of towels so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

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    Re: Super Towel from stocktowelsnow arrived today

    Looks like a very good towel.
    quality creates its own demand

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