Questions about large clear coat blemishes
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Thread: Questions about large clear coat blemishes

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    Questions about large clear coat blemishes

    Hello all!!

    I own a black Dodge Dakota that has some clear coat issues, as well as some scratches. A while ago, I had to move to another place so I put a tarp over my belongings. Well, it seems as the tarp slapped the living snot out of the sides of the truck bed and left noticeable marks/blemishes in the clear coat. I was wondering what I could do to remove these, as they are only in the first layer of clear coat?

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    Re: Questions about large clear coat blemishes

    Our standard mantra, but some pics of the damage would be really helpful to assessing the extent of the damage and the best method to correct it.

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    Re: Questions about large clear coat blemishes

    Using your fingernail, can you feel any of these marks in the paint? Don't forget, clear coat is just a layer of high gloss, clear paint applied to the top of your color coat. There's nothing terribly unique about it, it's just clear paint, and as long as you can't feel the defects then you should be able to get rid of them.

    Something like Ultimate Compound even hand applied with a foam applicator pad should do well for you.

    But as John mentions, pictures will really help.
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