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    Re: Menzerna products

    To some people, its Meguiar's customer service and genuine care for customers and their cars that puts them above all other companies IMO. I recently emailed Meguiar's to ask a question and after they thoroughly responded, they finished by saying that they would love for me to send them some pics of my car because they love and appreciate seeing customer's cool is that?. This is why I stand by Meguiar's, Benchmade knives, and Weber grills to name a few.

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    Re: Menzerna products

    I know it is crazy to revive an 8 year old topic, but I think this is why Meguiar's allows talk about the competition because with Meguiar's R&D they generally come out on top in the long run. Personally, I like both Meguiar's and Menzerna products.

    Meguiar's seems to have more products, but talking about polishes and compounds specifically, one thing I really like is that Meguiar's is easy to recognize their products for example M105 and M205 are still exactly the same product under the same name. 205 is still 205 and always will be 205.

    As for Menzerna, I agree with you that PO106fa is one of the best polishes they ever made. It was later renamed SF-4000 as far as I can tell... Now it is SF3500 because it is in their third step.

    At any rate, while SF3500 is the current name of what has been my long-time favorite polish of all time, the irony is that I have used far more M205 than all other polishes put together because it is better in production detailing being there is no downside to short-cycling it as far as I can tell with it's SMAT. In contrast I do actually achieve better results with SF3500 if I take the time to fully work it.

    Now I tried M210, and I think it is rising to the top-shelf as my new favorite. As far as I can tell it is just like SF3500 only less dust, longer cycle work-ability, yet still yields great results when short-cycling it in production. If I had to turn out a show car in only two polishing steps (especially on something with soft paint), you can bet M210 would be my second step!

    If doing a true show-car I would likely wet sand then jump to something truly aggressive like M105 on microfiber. Then I would still likely use 205 to be sure to cut out any micro-marring fully from M105. M205 has more cut than either M210 or SF3500 making it my next step. Regardless, I would then jewel the paint with SFP3800 (no consistency in Menzerna names, but it has roughly half the cut of M205 and finishes out about 11 out of 10 in gloss.)

    Really Meguiar's makes a polish similar to SFP3800 in cut called M82, but it's pretty old school. If I was working a single-stage paint system, I would actually opt for M82 over SFP 3800. Generally Meguiar's compounds and polishes in the Mirror Glaze 80's lineup are still the world's best on single-stage in my opinion. I love those polishing oils. If you use something else, bathe the single-stage in Meguiar's Show Car Glaze the day before to wet the paint prior to polishing.


    Hope that helps. Things change, but I cannot imagine a proper detail without Meguiar's.

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