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View Poll Results: Does your "car craziness" also apply to your personal life?

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  • Nevermind salon stuff, pass on the Megs. The way my car looks is more important than the way I look.

    32 45.07%
  • I take just as much care of myself as I do with my car. Both are of equal importance to me.

    39 54.93%
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Thread: Car Care / Personal Care

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    Re: Car Care / Personal Care

    This poll *****......seemed good in theory..

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    Re: Car Care / Personal Care

    My wife often tells me that I take better care of our cars than I do myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Majeika:417503
    A detailed car is a reflection of YOU (no pun intended). why wouldn't you take an equal amount of care when it comes to yourself?
    Frank Kecseti
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