UK USER - G110v2?? G220v2??
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Thread: UK USER - G110v2?? G220v2??

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    UK USER - G110v2?? G220v2??

    Hi guys, im from the UK, few questions:

    1 - whats the difference between the G110v2 & G220v2?
    2 - which is better?
    3 - (if the G110v2 to the question above) will the G110v2 be in released the UK? if so when is it expected?
    4 - if its gonna be awhile, where can i buy & get it shipped to me asap?


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    Re: UK USER - G110v2?? G220v2??

    110 volts vs 220 volts.

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    Re: UK USER - G110v2?? G220v2??

    As he said, you need G220, G110 is only for US current.

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    Re: UK USER - G110v2?? G220v2??

    Same machine running in different voltage.. G110v2 for 110V environment, G220v2 for 220V environment. I think UK is 220V, so go with G220v2. I heard a couple weeks back that 220v2 hasn't even been released from the factory yet, might be quite a while before you see them. Target date is supposed to be sometimes at the end of this month or early next month, with shipment it could be July at earliest.

    If you can't wait for the 220v2 release, get it from the US and use voltage converter to have it work in 220V environment, that's what I did.

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