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    Boston whaler

    anyone else here have a whaler? im having a hard time figuring out why the boat has no shine to it. im wondering if the gel coat is gone or maybe its just how whalers are. ive tried waxing with nxt with little impact. If anyone has a clue id be happy to hear it. thanks.

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    Re: Boston whaler

    Gel coat is vastly different than automotive paint. It's usually on the order of 25 mils thick while automotive factory clear coat is only about 2 mils thick, and it is much, much harder than automotive paint and far more porous as well.

    It's this porosity that makes it subject to oxidation, chalking, etc. A simple coat of NXT isn't really going to correct the finish and bring up maximum shine - you need to some other work to bring it up. If you have a D/A buffer like our G110v2 then go at it with a burgundy cutting pad and some M67 One Step Compound before waxing it with our Flagship Premium Marine Wax.

    Depending on the age of the gel coat you may be seriously challenged to bring up a seriously high gloss. Gel coats usually have a useful life of about 15 to 20 years depending on exposure and level of care.

    Recently we had a badly oxidized boat in our garage here at work and spent the day buffing it out. You can read up on what we did and see the before and after shots here.
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