Reducing water spots with water filter
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Thread: Reducing water spots with water filter

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    Reducing water spots with water filter

    Can an in-line water filter reduce the chance of water spots? I just went to Home Depot this morning, and saw bunch of in-line water filter for around $20. It says that it will virtually eliminate mineral deposits, such as calcium and magnesium. I saw one that you can connect to a garden hose, and it's supposed to filter out 1500 gallons of water. I wanted to use this on my final rinsing, by FLOODING. Thanks!

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    Re: Reducing water spots with water filter

    Depending on the efficiency of the filter, how fine of particulates it is able to filter out, etc yes, these can do an excellent job. But you will need to monitor things and change the filters as needed.

    How much of a water spotting issue are you having when washing though? We see an awful lot of talk about this but even here in SoCal where it' generally hot and very dry, and the water tends to be very hard, we don't run into water spotting problems. Just curious about how bad the situation is for you.
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