Repairing a rough scratch on bumper
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Thread: Repairing a rough scratch on bumper

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    Repairing a rough scratch on bumper

    2010 Mercury Milan Tuxedo Black Metallic
    I got a rough scratch on the front bumper coming off a high curb.
    Is there anyway i can repair this myself ?
    2015 Lincoln MKC 2.0 AWD

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    Re: Repairing a rough scratch on bumper

    Not correctly unless you're able to remove the bumper, sand it, fill it and refinish it. If you're ok with lesser results, find a lot lizard at a local Used Car dealership to spot paint it. It may look decent temporarily, but will ultimately fail down the road. Great repair for lease turn ins, cars you don't care about and ones being sold.
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    Re: Repairing a rough scratch on bumper

    How deep? Into the primer?
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