Lets hear from R&D.
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Thread: Lets hear from R&D.

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    Lets hear from R&D.

    I'd like to hear from the men and women who help formulate the products we all love to use. Any chance we can get a Meg's Chemist to chime in from time to time on different subjects?

    I know a lot of information is proprietary, but it'd be great to hear a little bit about how ideas get bounced around, and how products are developed. Maybe some funny or cool R&D stories.

    I sometimes wonder why certain products were developed, and wouldn't mind hearing about how they came to be. I think some insight from the developers and formulators of Meg's products would be cool to hear. Not looking to learn formula specifics, but rather the story behind the products and maybe some explanations as to why they were developed, how it all began, and what types of hurdles were overcome to get things done. I think a section dealing with these types of things would be cool to have on the forum. Just a suggestion.
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    Re: Lets hear from R&D.

    That's a pretty good idea...I like it!


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    Re: Lets hear from R&D.

    How about some pictures of crosslinked synthetic polymers on paint too!
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