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    list of products

    High Everyone !
    Would someone please give me a list of MEG consumer products in order of there strength and cut ability? It would help me a great deal to not go to aggressive to quick. Like Mr. Stoops said 'try a test spot first".
    Thanks so much

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    Re: list of products

    ScratchX 2.0
    Ultimate Compound

    I wouldnt plan on worrying about the Polishing or Rubbing Compounds, if you are going to be getting into detailing.
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    Re: list of products

    Please don't overthink the concept of "use the least aggressive product to get the job done". That does NOT mean that we expect you to go out and purchase every product we make and always start with the least aggressive product - Cleaner Wax - in an attempt to remove defects as safely as possible.

    That would lead to countless people being more than a bit perturbed that they suddenly have this huge collection of Meguiar's products, most of which they'll likely never use. Our goal is to provide quality products that actually do what the label says they do, and to provide accessible support for those products in case you need it. Irritating people by seemingly forcing them to buy an entire catalog of products is no way to build a relationship.

    In the consumer line there really are only two dedicated paint cleaners intended for use on the entire vehicle - SwirlX and Ultimate Compound. Yes, ScratchX 2.0 can be used on the entire vehicle as well and it's cutting ability falls somewhere between the other two, but again, we don't expect that someone will go out and buy all three and test them in succession to find which is best for their car. SwirlX is intended for those situations where defects are only very light while Ultimate Compound is for more severe situations.

    The reality is that while SwirlX is the more widely available of the two products (ie, more stores stock it), Ultimate Compound is overall the better selling of the two. We put that down to people's natural tendency to just grab the strongest thing they can find in the hope of making the job go faster.

    It's that general mentality that has us recommending "the least aggressive method" philosophy, but not to the extreme. That philosophy becomes critically important when you get into very aggressive process like rotary buffing and definitely wet sanding. But enthusiast detailers and weekend warriors will likely find that having a variety of products on their own shelf will help more when dealing with a wide range of paint systems rather than for the difference in cut provided by the products. For example SwirlX, M80 and M205 have very similar cutting ability (everything else being equal - tool, speed, pressure, paint, time, etc) but they do it in very different ways that may give one an advantage over the others on a specific paint system - single stage paint loves M80 because of the high level of polishing oils in it.
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