Removing paint sealant from finishing pad
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Thread: Removing paint sealant from finishing pad

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    Removing paint sealant from finishing pad

    I was trying out M205 on my hood with both the polishing and finishing pads. It's great! However, after using TechWax 2.0 with the black finishing pad, I tried washing it right away. I could not get rid of the paint sealant in the pad. I tried using dishwashing and laundry detergent, Super Degreaser and APC+. It's still would not come off.

    After drying it with my dryer, it still have the paint sealant mark ("X"). Do you guys have any tips on removing paint sealant from buffing pads? Or is it OK to leave the paint sealant residue, and use it for the next session (after wash of course)?

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    Re: Removing paint sealant from finishing pad

    I just throw mine in the wash and they come out great. Even if they have been sitting for a few days they come out clean. Try using a little more detergent than you usually would for cloths. You could also try a Dawn soak prior to the wash.

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    Re: Removing paint sealant from finishing pad

    Do you clean your pads "on the fly" when applying wax/ sealant ?

    If you really have a hard time removing wax/ sealant it might be an indication of too much product used.

    For the same reason we love our waxes/ sealants (water beading) we hate them when it's time to clean our buffing pads because they really resist water. Pad conditioning brush, soaking in laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid should loosen wax up.

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    Re: Removing paint sealant from finishing pad

    During use, I clean pads on the fly. After use I wash in the washer and never have a problem.
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