My Mobile Auto Detailing Trailer

This Mobile Auto Detailing Trailer was built by the best in the industry. Rugged tubular steel design and powder coated painted protection are important features that will keep this trailer on the road and standing tall.

Many individuals piece together and build their own mobile detail trailers by purchasing a "utility" trailer at the local hardware store outlet and then equipping it with non commercial parts. A store bought utility trailer is not designed to support water tanks, they are designed for mainly landscapers that are hauling lawn cutting equipment.

Water weighs 8.33 pounds per gallon. Lets say you fill up a 90 gallon water tank, that is roughly 750 pounds plus the weight of the tank. Typically the weight from the water and all the shifting of the water will eventually cause the utility trailer to break apart. Sure, you may save some money building your own trailer with hardware store parts but in the long run you will inevitably have problems with the equipment and the trailer and you will experience down time. Down time will cost you money and could loose you customers.

Consider a professionally built mobile auto detailing trailer. designed to give you years of trouble free use with proper maintenance. the trailer was professionally built and competitively priced. i used Honda engines and they are the best which make for a perfect professional mobile detail trailer.

This trailer makes it easy to start your mobile detailing or mobile car wash business with. This is well built, reasonably priced and made to last! Check it out below and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

You must take a look, this is the finest built, best looking trailer on the market! (5' x 8') nicely equipped is only $15,000 or obo fully equipped with a commercial grade pressure washer, water tank, air compressor and roomy storage and shelving units.


I've been detaling in florida for 7 years. I had a smaller trailer that I used. I made around $1,500 per week (cash). I sold that company that was up and runnning. I relocated to Houston TX for family reasons and decided to rebuild a new state of the ar trailer to start a new car wash company in TX. I was here about a year ago and only saw a handful of mobile detailing trailers on the road and nothing compares to this trailer. In florida there are 100's of these trailers around yet I was still able to make over $50,000 a year cash. I've only used this trailer for 1 day in houston, was able to lock in two car lots, did 3 cars at $100 each, and only worked 6 hours. Anyone thats able to network and work hard will be able to make over $50,000 a year. Reason I'm selling is because my family wants me to help run the family business. This business is already established that has a facebook with over 160 fans, a twitter page, and an up and running 8 page website that is paid in full for the year that cost me $3,500. Also an email mailer to help generate business as well as a toll free makeitshine phone number that I paid $750 to get. I have 5000 custom business cards, flyers, and price sheets.This trailer was fully disassembled for the custom advertising wrap which cost me $4,000. Also custom 20" status wheels that are stainless steel and black which cost me $1,200 with the adapters. There's over $1,000 in top of the line chemicals and an makita high speed buffer and orbital. Everything in this trailer is custom mounted on retractable reels for convienant use. Also has a hot water extractor costing around $900.The trailer is a 5 by 8 for easy towing and convienant parking. This trailer also fits in a standard size garage. I'm askin $20,000 or best offer. At this price and a little hardwork you should be able to get your investment back witthin the first 6 months and have years of income with no overhead or rent offering easy and convienant car wash needs for the thousands of cars in the greater houston area.

Please feel free to contact me at 561-502-0519 or text

I will take all reasonable offers