Thanks Meguiars!
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Thread: Thanks Meguiars!

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    Thanks Meguiars!

    Thanks to Richard and both Mikes! The MINI event was very educational. I've used Meguiars products on my cars for many years. But for some reason in the last couple of years I had switched to other brands. That is no longer the case.

    I found the NXT products to be excellent but even more than that, the fact that the good folks at Meguiars were willing to take the time to demonstrate their products to us (and give free samples and feed us) indicates their commitment to car enthusiasts like us.

    Good job guys.

    Steve Dayan
    (aka) Bulldog

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    Hi Richard,

    Welcome to Meguiar's new discussion forum!

    Thank you for attending the NXT Generation Garage event! We had just as much fun as you did, I guarantee it!

    I'll be posting more pictures of the people and the cars from last Saturday, so check back often.

    Mike Phillips
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    I agree these guys sure do make events fun

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