first engine cleaning..
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Thread: first engine cleaning..

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    first engine cleaning..

    hi all..just done my first engine cleaning..fortunately, the motor isn't ruined..i just spray APC on evrything without covering any parts of the engine a question though..can i hav a 'wet' look on my engine bay without using any dressing??my engine nay has many plastic and rubber and i hav GC trim detailer..can i use it??will it cause fire hazard??

    also, wanna ask smtg..can i use all metal polysh on the metal in the middle of my engine??

    this is the engine looks like when i first bought it has surely improved drastically..

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    Re: first engine cleaning..

    So where are the 'After' photos of your engine bay cleaning and detailing?

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    Re: first engine cleaning..

    I'd like to see some write-ups on how people clean engines on older cars, like a Mustang II or an 80s Cutlass. That's where you will end up spending DAYS to clean, polish, and treat the surfaces; almost none of it is plastic!

    Otherwise, I usually grab a few cans of a Foaming engine degreaser, with a slightly warmed engine. If your pre-rinse 'sizzles,' the engine is too warm. I use plastic bags on things (better safe than sorry!) The foam penetrates into the built-up dirt, and a bristle brush (bottle-type brush) gets most of the grime off, and you can go again to get any heavy spots. Pick a good spot to wash it, as in not a new or clean driveway (try a gravel pad.) Be careful when using all-purpose cleaners, as the pH can be too high or low, and you can damage the paint or finish.
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