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    Winter wash

    So, my car has been sitting in the dealer's garage for a couple of weeks. The thing is, it was very very dirty when it got in (the weather wasn't good). Now the mud on the car is probably like cement (the weather was good since) after that many days.

    I will probably damage my paint when I wash it, I know I have to make a strong mixture of snow foam, but this will definitely not help much since the mud has been on the paint for so many days. In which way would you people wash a car of this condition with minimal paint/swirls damage?


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    Re: Winter wash

    Give it a good blast with water first... Either your hose on a high pressure, or a coin-op place and just use the water pressure.

    Then Just work on small areas. Maybe your mitt does 1/2 a panel, flip, do the other 1/2. Spray more soap as you go.

    Change your rinse water often. Use a grit guard if possible.
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