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    Advice Needed...

    I just got a PC and some #80. Should I go with clay, #80, and 2 coats of nxt, or should I also use my DC paint cleaner before #80?

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    Hi turbodreamer...

    Either way is acceptable.

    My suggestion is to try both methods to see which may work best for you and your individual paint finish. To do this, I would put a strip of masking tape down the center of your hood. Do half of the hood with the DC/#80 combo and do the other half with #80 alone.

    Once I had applied to both sides, I'd pull it out into the sun to assess the finish. Based on those observations, I may or may not continue with the DC.

    I hope that helps out a bit! Please let us know if you should have any other questions!


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    I would agree with RP........... give both a try. Using the #80 prior to NXT might give a tad different final appearance. Also, keep in mind, that #80 will remove some fine swirls that DC1 won't touch. So, if you have swirls, then theres not much of a choice......... go with #80.
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