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Thread: How To Remove Water Spots

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    Re: How To Remove Water Spots

    [QUOTE=Sebu;467179]Hi Mike, thanks for the useful post.

    It seems that I have a lot of water spots but on my front windshield. They are not circular like the one in your pictures, but more like water that has ran down the windshield after a rain lets say and stuck there. Like the water spots you have in your mirror in your bathroom when water fells over it and starts following downward course (gravity) and the dry out.

    Glass is a strange material. I have the same problem and have also tried many things. I was wondering if you had any success w/ anything yet. BTW, i used clay and glass cleaner on the paint and all the spots are gone. The glass cleaner was Up&Up from Target and contains ammonia. I don't know if brands vary. The glass did not get clean w/ this method. It looks to me like there is a static charge on the glass that is holding the contaminants strongly. The clay is slowly wearing down the spots but i'm looking for an instant solution. Regards.

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    Re: How To Remove Water Spots

    I have meguaurs water spot remover. Do I use that before or after Claying?

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