1994 lincoln town car update
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    1994 lincoln town car update

    Hello everyone i posed a month ago about some clear coat failure on my back trunk and bumper asking for help to try to save it. so everyone told me to just get a paint job so i bought 17 cans of spray paint including primer and 1 can of clear coat matched the color at autozone! and here is how it came out. just wanted some advice on what to do to get it smooth. should i add more clear coat and then buff it, or should i use a different kind of product. or should i spray more coats.
    here is photos of my work and all the stuff i used.

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    Re: 1994 lincoln town car update

    Well now, that's one way to do it!

    Unfortunately, the only way you're going to bring up any real gloss here is to wet sand the finish and then rotary buff out the sanding marks. If you've never done it before, proceed with caution as it's a very aggressive process and can remove a lot of paint pretty quickly. We're guessing that at this point you probably don't have enough clear on there to start sanding quite yet. And if you don't have a rotary buffer, you probably don't want to start sanding anyway since you'll have a really tough time removing your sanding marks without one!

    Still, in theory, you should be able to get a lot of gloss out of this rattle can respray - but it's a process.

    Take a look at this thread - if people can get the kind of finish they do using Rustoleum roll on paint, you should be able to do the same with a rattle can paint job.
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    Re: 1994 lincoln town car update

    It is definitely possible to bring it back, but as Mr. Stoops said, you need to have a fair amount of clear to do it right.

    I fixed the rear 1/4 of my 1999 Taurus SHO with rattle cans, and went from this:

    To this:

    I had about 4 coats of color which was wetsanded between coats to minimize orange peel since I was going thick, then about 6 coats of clear that was wetsanded afterwards (the first pic) and I then used #83 and one shot of Ultimate Compound my G110 to get it to the final shot.

    The entire rear 1/4 from trunkline to tails to rear door to bumper was repainted with cans, wetsanded, and buffed out. I didn't use a rotary though- just my DA for buffing, I wetsanded by hand...
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