Looking for Monthly Car Wash detailer - Anaheim CA
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Thread: Looking for Monthly Car Wash detailer - Anaheim CA

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    Looking for Monthly Car Wash detailer - Anaheim CA

    I'm in Anaheim, and have 2 cars that I want to be washed every other week during the week.

    1) Cadillac CTS
    2) Mitsubishi 3000GT

    I enjoy detailing my cars 2 times a year, but not the weekly washing. That's where you come in.

    Both cars are swirl free and in fantastic paint condition.


    1) Must be able to come in during the week to my work location (with the possibility of more cars if my co-workers like your work). Near Angel Stadium.

    2) Can't use the same washing mit for different cars washed. I had one guy wash my car with a mit he used on a different car and the dirt carried over resulting in scratches in my car.

    3) I prefer Meguair's products.

    4) Wash Car, Vacuum Inside, Clean Wheels and Tires.

    Let me know your estimate. Thanks.

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    Re: Looking for Monthly Car Wash detailer - Anaheim CA

    PM sent with regards to my Monthly Maintenance Program....

    Have a great day!

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