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Thread: Reusing Microfiber Towels

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    Re: Reusing Microfiber Towels

    Same here. Blue car, blue microfiber for body panels. White or yellow for windows. Gray for wheels. Green for interior surfaces.

    Quote Originally Posted by Guitar280Z View Post
    Mine are color-coded for its use; dark colors for the "dirtier" parts of the vehicle, and lighter colors for the more sensitive areas. I keep them in small plastic tubs with the purpose marked on the side& lid. I also poked a few holes in the lid for air, so they stay dry (you don't want mold/mildew/etc.) I also keep some in large zip-lok bags for long-term storage (buy some when you find them on sale.)

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    Re: Reusing Microfiber Towels

    I just dropped one last night. I have a wash basin in the garage, so I rinsed it with water, added a tiny bit of dish soap and lightly scrubbed it using a toothbrush, rinsed it, and put in the laundry to wash with all the other microfiber towels. I have 4 sets (color coded): drying, detailing, engine, and interior. Always wash drying and detailing apart from the engine and interior.

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