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    Quick question

    In my new Challenger there were a few marks in my clear coat (just about an inch long) - I took it to the dealers body shop so they could take care of it as it was under warranty.

    The worker used a piece of wet sand paper to buff them out (then applied a coat of a few products)

    The mark was gone but I noticed later he had left some swirl marks in the finish - how do I get rid of these? You can only see them in certain angles - but nonetheless.


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    Re: Quick question

    Hi Richard, sorry for there being such a long delay before getting a response to you. This should be an easy fix, but since you posted in the wet sanding forum your post was probably just overlook by the community.

    It's all too common to see a dealer "fix" a tiny issue with a rotary buffer and end up leaving a whole bunch of issues behind. We've had two such cases very recently show up at our Saturday Classes, one with absolutely horrific rotary swirls inflicted into a brand new black Audi TT. What you need to do, and what we did with both of these recent cases, was to work the area with some Ultimate Compound in order to remove the rotary swirls. We used a G110v2 buffer but UC can be used by hand very effectively. Working on a clean and dry surface you want to apply a small amount of product to a foam applicator pad and work it fairly vigorously against the paint for just a minute or so, then wipe off the product before it has a chance to dry. You're not applying this like a wax and letting it sit, you need to put some energy into it in order to remove these fine defects.
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    Re: Quick question

    A similar thing happened to me. A bird had left a very acid dropping on my newly painted car. All the regular fixes , even rubbing compound, didn't work.. i hadn't let it stand, i saw it in the morning and hit the body shop that day.

    so he wet sanded it... i just about jumped out of my shoes.. i wasn't familiar with ws. it removed the dropping but if you look real hard you can see where the clear coat is different.

    will buffing that out take care of it, or should I just learn to live with it... It really isn't noticeable unless you look for it's a light color.

    This is a very reputable body shop so i don't doubt he knew what he was doing.

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