Quik Clean or Quik Wax ?
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Thread: Quik Clean or Quik Wax ?

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    Quik Clean or Quik Wax ?

    Hi All:

    (on my boat)

    Not sure which product to use. Both seem to indicate that they will produce a glossy shine, and both seem to indicate that they will do "some" cleaning of the surface. Obviously, the Quik wax will also add wax, but on a previously waxed surface, does this matter that much ?

    Will the Quik Clean remove any of the existing wax ?

    If I was to "stay on top" of the cleaning, say, every other day or so, which product would be best

    Thanks for any help !


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    Re: Quik Clean or Quik Wax ?

    They are similar to the car line Quick Detailer and Quick Wax.

    That means that the Quick Clean will clean off light/fresh dirt. But leave no protection behind.

    The Quick wax will want used on a clean surface. The description for it even says to use after washing.

    You could look at the Flagship ultimate Detailer, which would remove light dirt, and leave a little protection. Not as much as the Quick Wax, but some.

    So if you washed your boat after use, you would dry while using the Quick wax.
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