UC on zx6r frame??? now stains
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Thread: UC on zx6r frame??? now stains

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    UC on zx6r frame??? now stains

    quick question guys. I bought a motorcycle that came with stickers on the frame. I ttok them off but they left a gooey almost glue like substance on the frame. I thought I could use UC to take it off. it worked great, took all the **** right off. But next day, i noticed it is now left a white stian. Kinda like when you accidentally apply wax on plastic, rubber. Any quick solutions to this?

    BTW the frame is black, like all the new sportsbikes. Thanks

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    Re: UC on zx6r frame??? now stains

    Do you have a pic? Are you sure you didn't take the paint off?

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    Re: UC on zx6r frame??? now stains

    UC may have spread the goo. You may try a goo gone type product to clean the surface/stain.

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    Exclamation Re: UC on zx6r frame??? now stains

    give ISOP a try.......
    Isopropyl Alcohol.........................
    on an inconspicuous area......
    finish on that frame has a lot of microscopic pockets
    probably you are seen left UC on those pockets..........

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