Clear coat over powder coat, best way to polish?
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Thread: Clear coat over powder coat, best way to polish?

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    Clear coat over powder coat, best way to polish?

    I recently purchased another tool box, this one is used, ans I am trying to correct the finish onit. It is a newer Snap-on box with its original powder coat finish. For some reason, the guy put a layer, or layers of Rustoleum cleaer coat over the box, and it looks terrible. It has ripples, wrinkles, and haziness in it. The Rustoleum is as tough as nails though. I ended up using Meguiar's 1000 to 3000 grit unigrit finishing papers to get rid of most of it.(a few drawers still need to be worked on) Below that, the powder coat is proving to be equally as tough. There is some haziness in the powder coat as well. I have been using a combination of Ultimate compound with a light cutting foam pad, and Ultimate Polish with a foam polishing pad, by hand to correct the finish. The end result is great, but it is a huge amount of work, and it is taking a tremendous amount of time to complete. Can anyone offer advise on a quicker and better way to a mirror like finish?
    Thanks, wolphe.

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    Re: Clear coat over powder coat, best way to polish?

    #105 and/or a stronger pad maybe?
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