Wet Sanding Scratches and Applying Ulti. Compound and Polish
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Thread: Wet Sanding Scratches and Applying Ulti. Compound and Polish

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    Wet Sanding Scratches and Applying Ulti. Compound and Polish

    Hey there, I am a beginner at fixing scratches and I have a few questions. The condition of the paint on my car is in really bad shape. The previous owner of my car never took care of the car, and I hope to remove most of the scratches. Note: I am working with some 3M 2000 grit sand paper, a foam sanding block, UC, UF, 4x Meguiar's soft foam applicator pads, and plenty of microfiber towels. I am not sure if I have bought enough products to fix the scratches. Please let me know if I did not. I can spend $10-15 more if needed. Thanks.

    I have a few deep scratches and some very light ones on my car right now, and I want to remove them by using wet sand/touch up paint, UC, then UP.

    I bought the touch up paint from the dealer, and it comes with the clear coat.

    I plan to wet sand with 3M 2000 grit on the scratched up areas, apply the touch up paint, wet sand again, apply another layer of touch-up paint, then wet sand again.

    Now, I was wondering if I actually have to use the clear coat that is included with the paint?

    Also, I plan to apply UC , then UP on the areas which I wet sanded and touched up. After UP, I want to know what other Meguiar's products should I use (as stated above, would be nice if I can keep it around the $10 - $15 range)? Or should I just wash the car with the Ultimate wash and wax?

    I am really a newbie at this. I do not need the car to be back in perfect condition, but I hope I can make it look better than before. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    Re: Wet Sanding Scratches and Applying Ulti. Compound and Polish

    I would strongly suggest finding a panel (old hood or trunk) to practice on considering you have never done this before. Messing that up is a lot less heart breaking than messing up your own car. Thats my suggestion as to where to start. Practice.
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