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    Meguiar's Professional Hand Pad

    Does anyone use this (3" or 6") for waxing or polishing by hand. Looking for some opinions before purchasing.

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    Re: Meguiar's Professional Hand Pad

    I know my opinion will likely fall under the biased category, but I consider myself a man of honor so I will share it anyway.

    I love these hand pad adapters. They are simply excellent. Without any doubt it dramatically reduced the time it takes me or an assistant to wax a car if power is unavailable and I can't use my G110v2. Sometimes for the tight spots, it's almost easier to do it by hand rather than machine, and I think these adapters are much better than the old method of holding the small pads that are easily dropped.

    I make sure to take both sizes with me to all jobs - just in case.

    Oh, and they are great for polishing as well as you distribute force evenly, avoiding the risk of "tiger stripes" or "leopard spots" from pressure points.
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    Re: Meguiar's Professional Hand Pad

    i use the Griot's Gargage pad holder, when it's too hard to get my GG3 in certain areas of my vehicles
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    Re: Meguiar's Professional Hand Pad

    For hand waxing with a liquid wax, the 6" hand pad with a W9207 finishing pad is a great combo. Fast application over large areas, nice thin and uniform application, and an extremely ergonomic feel to it all.

    The 3" hand pad is great for use with our smaller Soft Buff pads when using a paste wax, or when using a paint cleaner on delicate paints where it's easy to get marring from the pressure points of your fingers. Using these hand pads spreads the pressure out very evenly over the foam pad you're using, giving a very consistent result.
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    Re: Meguiar's Professional Hand Pad

    Quote Originally Posted by c5rick View Post
    Does anyone use this (3" or 6") for waxing or polishing by hand. Looking for some opinions before purchasing.
    I have always been searching for a tool to improve the result of working by hand.
    It turn out I have:
    - Polishing Pal 3.5", with Lake Country 3.5" beveled edge pads
    - Griot's Garage 3" pad holder with Griot Garage 3" pads
    - Meguiar's S3HP 3" hand pad with Meguiar's 4" pads or Buff and Shine 4" pads
    Of course the pads and holder combination can be mix and matched to fit your needs as long as it has hook-and-loop backing (NO 3M hook-it2 pads).

    Shoot me a PM if you want a photo comparison between them...
    Guess I can take some photos of them and share it to members online.

    I would say I have rather small hands.
    The S3HP fits my hand best.
    Griot's Garage one is just a hook and loop on a thin foam layer I dont really like it.
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    Re: Meguiar's Professional Hand Pad

    Sorry to bring back an old thread, but I figured I would ask my question here rather than starting a whole new one.

    From what I've been reading here and finding in my research, these Meguiars professional hand pads seem like the best option. Especially using the soft buff pads with their special backing for the hook and loop attachment to the hand pad. Not to mention the ability for the soft buff pads to be maching washable (did I read that right?) which would make this system as a whole much more appealing. And if they are so easy to wash, how long do these pads (looking at the 4 and 6 inch pads) last?

    I have been able to find some hand buffing pads at autozone/o'reilly's by carrand that will attach to standard 3 inch hand applicator pads, by a simple velcro looking backing that embeds in the foam or MF pad itself (only seen these packaged with cotton terry or MF applicator pads, though). My question is, can one of these pads be used to attach to a Meguiars Soft Foam applicator pad? Of course, it would quickly destroy one side depending on how many times one detached the hand pad from the applicator pad, but I wondered if anyone had done it using one of these cheaper, easy to find hand pads. It seems to me pads such as the Viking MF finishing/polish and wax applicator pads would certain last longer than the foam being used like this, and I'm not even sure if the foam would attach to such a backing. Anyone have any experience with these velcro type hand pads?

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