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Thread: Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

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    Re: Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

    I finally got to try this product out today. Aerosol cans do not like my garage from the heating and cooling from parking my car and tend to not spray well after a bit, so I wanted to try a Spray instead.

    This stuff is great so far, its really hard to get it to streak at all and it leaves a lubricating layer ontop. So far it has worked really well on everything I have tried.

    Another Fantastic Meguiars Product

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    Re: Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

    I have recently bought both forms of the PCGC. I found it particularly good on an outside door of my house which hasn't been cleaned since longer than I'd like to admit. The aerosol can soaked the grime right away, like an engine cleaner, and then I followed up a secondary spray once I'd wiped the residue off with the spray bottle.

    I'm actually quite happy with the 2012 products I've recently bought, even if it has taken almost a year to get them here.. The wheel brake dust barrier is fantastic stuff, and the window cleaner is the best I've tried... The Gold Class spray products I guess I can either take or leave... not sure whether I can tell much difference from the Ultimate Lineup... but in theory they should look better on my car, and seem to be cheaper here than the Ultimate lineup, going on the prices I've seen locally...

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    Re: Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

    Does anybody know what local stores PCGC available at? I been searching every where here in Las Vegas, and I can't seems to find it. Thank You!

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