M80 Speed Glaze vs M205 Ultra Finishing Pol
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Thread: M80 Speed Glaze vs M205 Ultra Finishing Pol

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    M80 Speed Glaze vs M205 Ultra Finishing Pol

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!!
    Which would be the better product when trying to remove light to moderate swirls in clear coat paint working by hand or with a PC random orbit polisher? M80 or M205? Which is more aggressive? These swirls are a little more than M09 can easily remove.


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    Re: M80 Speed Glaze vs M205 Ultra Finishing Pol

    I find 205 better on clear coat - long working time of 205 makes it great in your situation where you've got light to modate swirls to remove.

    I still reach for M80 whenever I work on a car with "dry" Single Stage paint - the extra polishing oils really help with feeding the paint.
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    Re: M80 Speed Glaze vs M205 Ultra Finishing Pol

    All three of the products mentioned are fairly mild and reasonably close to each other in overall cutting ability. If you need to make a definitive step up, we would suggest Ultimate Compound whether working by hand or DA. M83 is also a step up, but UC will create far less dust and offer a longer buffing cycle, while making use of the latest SMAT abrasives in the process.
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